Graduation//Our 1st Big Move

Graduation day from the LDS Business College: April 5, 2012
I would’ve regretted not walking. 
Getting my diploma in the tabernacle on Temple Square/Shaking hands with Elder Holland: Priceless.
Landon’s turn a few weeks later, but with his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the U

His parents had already planned on coming out to celebrate and support, it just so happened that we needed a lot of help moving that exact same weekend.
We’d already said goodbye to both of our jobs
and to our cute little newlywed apartment :(
We packed up, and hit the road that Saturday morning for Chico, California, for keeps.
We drove out with a job that would pay better for Landon, and hopefully offer better job satisfaction
and with the comfort of knowing family would be super close
but with a lot of other unknowns

Would we would be happy? Will we find a new apartment we like? What about work and school for me/my goals?
In Utah I had a few options for school that there were still time to seize: yoga school at the U, Bachelor’s degree at the U, Bachelor’s degree at UVU as well as a few job to pick from

We left knowing that Chico State had closed their application period for the Fall, and wasn’t accepting new students in the Spring, but somehow the move was so peaceful, sure a few excited nerves, but not a single concern.

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